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This podcast brings you interviews and conversations with doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. 

Jun 30, 2018

I’m so glad I’m able to bring you Dr. Ostfeld. I would say in the lifespan of this podcast, I worked the hardest to book this interview. But that’s not a negative…it paid off and provided a really good conversation.

Dr. Robert Ostfeld is a cardiologist who works at Montefiore Health System in the Bronx in New...

Jun 16, 2018


Dr. Brooke Starkoff is a professor in the department of Kinesiology , Sports Studies and Physical Education at SUNY Brockport, in Brockport NY.

  • Her areas of specialty include
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Inflammation
  • Endothelial Function
  • Cardiovascular function.

Here's Dr. Starkoff's Collegiate Profile

Jun 2, 2018

Hey everyone, I am Ian Cramer and thank you for listening to my podcast…the podcast that’s dedicated to making you healthier by interviewing doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition.

I hope that you come away from each of these episodes learning something about how diet and lifestyle can...