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This podcast brings you interviews and conversations with doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. 

Apr 26, 2020

In this discussion, Dr. Avi Bitterman, MD and Brett Chrest discuss the evidence, or the lack thereof, surrounding alternative preventions and treatments to COVID-19. Join us. 

Apr 18, 2020

This is episode #92, with Nutrition enthusiast, Nick Heibert. He is a blogger and creator of the Nutrient Density cheat sheet. He took linguistics and nutritional science at the University of Manatoba. By trade, he is an audio engineer, but as a passionate side hobby, he like learning and reading and writing about...

Apr 4, 2020

This is the podcast that's dedicated to helping you get healthier, by interviewing doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. This episode I am joined by Registered Dietitian Stephanie Hnatiuk. 

In our conversation, we cover a range of topics including:

  • How she got interested in this field? 
  • Nutrition and Pregnancy
  • A...