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This podcast brings you interviews and conversations with doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. 

Apr 18, 2020

This is episode #92, with Nutrition enthusiast, Nick Heibert. He is a blogger and creator of the Nutrient Density cheat sheet. He took linguistics and nutritional science at the University of Manatoba. By trade, he is an audio engineer, but as a passionate side hobby, he like learning and reading and writing about nutrition topics. He wanted to make sure I mention this…that he doesn’t consider himself an expert, but doing what he’s doing to learn as much as he can.

You may be asking…why is Ian interviewing a nutrition enthusiast? And not an expert? It’s partly because he’s an interesting character on Twitter who isn’t afraid to engage in discussions. He knows more than me about nutrition than me so I wanted to learn from him, and partly because of his general attitude and demeanor on Twitter. He is civil, engages responsibly, wants to learn, isn’t afraid of making mistakes and is not dogmatic about nutrition.

In our discussion, we spend a lot of time speaking about lipids, in particular this hullabaloo over olive oil. Is it healthy? Is it no? Does it cause atherosclerosis? Nick get’s really nichey with the science on this. We talk about MonoUnSat fats, PolyUnsat Fats and Saturated Fats,

We also talk about his Nutrient Density Cheat sheet which is a very useful tool to eat healthfully and cheaply, but is also a way to optimize your nutrition and learn what foods are highest in copper? Or other Vitamins and Minerals? It also covers the amino acid profile of foods, macro profiles, nutrient ratio scores and much more. And we talk about how you can get a discount on his cheat sheet…it’s at the end…listen to the episode!

We talk about Nick’s changing nutrition philosophies. We speak about how he was a huge fan of low carb nutrition, and how and why he turned pretty significantly to a more well rounded view of nutrition.

Nick and I end the discussion on 2 topics: One having to do with him challenging my beliefs and giving me things to think about that may run counter to narratives we often hear within the plant-based nutrition, AND second, an article Nick wrote about diabetes and he explains his unique interpretation of its etiology.