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This podcast brings you interviews and conversations with doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. 

Nov 4, 2017

Dr. Anthony Lim

Dr. Anthony Lim is a physician who, at the time of this episode publishing in early November of 2017, has recently made a surprising and impressive entrance onto the national stage within the Lifestyle medicine WFPB movement. You may recognize his name or his voice as he was featured in a recent viral YouTube movie published by Plant-Based News that highlighted his journey being a passionate advocate of a Paleo lifestyle to now being a convert to a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle.

In our conversation we speak about:

  1. why the Paleo diet was attractive to him at first.
  2. Why, in his years of medical education, he never heard about a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and the power it has to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.
  3. What gives Dr. Lim’s solace in knowing this is truly the right thing to do and the right way to eat.
  4. In his experience, what does the Paleo diet get right and what does the Paleo diet get wrong?
  5. The importance of understanding Carbohydrates and caloric density.
  6. Other factors or arguments in favor of a whole foods plant-based lifestyle.
  7. And counter-arguments to questions kindly submitted directly from passionate members of Paleo Facebook group.

I’d like to highlight another project that I am working on that may benefit you. I am coordinating with Lifestyle Medicine doctors to join me on a series entitled “Ask the Doc”. These sessions which are conducted on Facebook Live and can be found on my Plant-Based Cyclist Facebook page and are opportunities for you to speak directly to these doctors. These sessions are your opportunity to ask experienced lifestyle medicine doctors your health and wellness questions and get answers in real time. The way to find out about these live sessions is simply LIKE the PBC Facebook page and keep an eye out for announcements of when the next session is. Generally, we’ve done them on Sunday mornings, and I’m trying to have them about every other week.



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