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This podcast brings you interviews and conversations with doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. 

Dec 2, 2017

Dr. Paul Porras

I’d like to thank 2 new patrons of the Podcast, Cynthia Crumlish and Dr. Heather Sowell. I’m very grateful that people believe in this message and in the work that I’m doing enough to contribute to this cause. And if you’re a regular listener, I hope you value these episodes as much as Cynthia and Heather do.

On this episode, I speak with pediatrician Dr. Paul Porras, who works in Washington D.C. Like Episode 28, this conversation was also a very highly asked for topic. You may recognize his name or his accent as he was featured in the movie “What the Health.

People are, understandably, concerned with the health of their children. So I’m very glad that I can share this with you from a practicing pediatrician on how to you integrate a plant-based lifestyle with your child.

 We speak a lot about dairy milk and why he doesn’t recommend this to his patients. And we also speak about milk alternatives, special nutritional considerations pertaining to raising a child without animal products.

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I hope you enjoy this conversation on episode 29 with Plant-based pediatrician, Dr. Paul Porras.



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