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This podcast brings you interviews and conversations with doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. 

Jun 2, 2018

Hey everyone, I am Ian Cramer and thank you for listening to my podcast…the podcast that’s dedicated to making you healthier by interviewing doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition.

I hope that you come away from each of these episodes learning something about how diet and lifestyle can affect different areas of health.

I had this conversation with Jane Esselstyn before she was about to speak to a large group of college students at SUNY Brockport, a local college here in the Rochester Area.

We talk about projects she’s working on, including a new YouTube channel that she’s spearheading with her Mom, Ann. We also touch on her personal positions on ketogenic dieting, genetics and its role on disease as well as trends within the plant-based movement. If anyone has a sense of the ‘pulse’ of the plant-based movement, it’s Jane. She is part Energizer Bunny and part rockstar, her personality is infectious which makes the message she conveys that much more impactful.

Jane is known for her talks on health above and below the belt, which if you knew how Jane started, isn’t surprising. One of Her first gigs was teaching sex education, so it’s not surprising that she melded plant-based nutrition with topics having to do with sexual health. Her talk provides an interesting angle and further reinforces the beneficial impacts of eating a whole foods plant-based diet.

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