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This podcast brings you interviews and conversations with doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. 

Nov 3, 2018

Dr. Jamie Kane didn’t really like the choices available for fellowships as he was graduating from his residency. None of them appealed to him. And because of that, he blazed his own trail, learned about the intricacies of Obesity and years later started a fellowship in Obesity Management for future medical students.

In our conversation, Dr. Kane and I discuss the current medical system and how it’s set up in a way to discourage the interventions that our patients need the most. It’s easy and quick to prescribe pills, to ask them if anything has changed since last visit.

But it takes time to dig down and figure out what’s wrong with a patient who weighs 400 pounds. It take more than a 15 minute follow-up slot. The Physical, Mental and Emotional all play different roles for different people, and it’s an incredibly gray, nuanced area of medicine. But luckily, we have people like Dr. Jamie Kane.

Look forward to topics such as food, exercise, circadian rhythm, breaking addictive cycles and how Dr. Kane himself deals with emotions, at times, with unresponsive or unmotivated patients.

I want to end by giving a shout out to a couple of new patrons of the podcast. Because she may want to retain some form of anonymity, I want to use just her first name, thank you to Anna for your very generous yearly donation. Anna doesn’t really feel comfortable with donating to the Patreon page of the podcast, and that’s OK. If you want to support my work financially, there are other avenues or ways you can do this. If this sounds like you, reach out in any way that’s convenient and we’ll talk. Thank you, Anna for your generosity.

Another big thank you to Danielle Durant, who is a new patron and new member of the Board of Trustees. Danielle is completing her PhD in Public Health and is gung ho for lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition. And in her multiple e-mails we exchanged back and forth, she said “I just recently started listening to your show and LOVE IT! I am a big fan of Rich Roll but he doesn't interview enough plant based docs, in my opinion. I have been bingeing your content since I found your podcast, and even though I have studied plant-based nutrition pretty extensively, I still learn something new in each episode.”

Wow..thank you Danielle. It’s surreal and humbling that someone would mention the content that Rich Roll’s produced and the work that I produce in the same sentence because he is an idol of mine and someone that I look up to, but on the other hand, Rich and I and all of you who are listening, we’re all on the same team. We’re all teammates, we’re all on a mission seeking the same set of goals; to get healthier and live as advocates and ambassadors to this movement in some form or fashion.

Words like Danielle’s and donations are wind in my sails. But like I’ve said in the past, any small gesture of appreciation for my work is great, it’s not like if you don’t donate I don’t appreciate you.

Other things you can do to help the cause are sharing episodes on social media- That’s how Danielle learned about my podcast, through social media… or you could also write a review on the iTunes store, buy me a book or send me a Tweet of appreciation and I’ll retweet it…they’re all great! Thank you. I’m glad these episodes are helping you. And please look forward to many more in the future. We’ll see you in a couple of weeks.