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This podcast brings you interviews and conversations with doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. 

Jan 26, 2019

Hello podcast listener, welcome to the Ian Cramer Podcast where I interview doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. What is Lifestyle Medicine? It's a way for you to prevent or reverse a chronic disease by changing your diet and lifestyle. Because after all, it was those factors that caused that chronic disease anyways. So let's address the root cause and get healthier, for good. 

In this episode, I'm having a conversation with The Vegan Pediatrician Dr. Natalie Santiago. She came into Rochester to speak to the Rochester Area Vegan Society as well as Dr. Ted Barnett's Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute. We speak about her background, how she transitioned from vegetarianism to veganism, how she learned differentiates between healthy and unhealthy foods, even if they all share the label 'vegan'. And of course, we speak about childhood health and nutrition, what parents should be concerned about and how to raise healthy kids on a plant-based diet.