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This podcast brings you interviews and conversations with doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. 

May 18, 2019

Chuck Carroll, the Weight Loss Champ, was addicted to Taco Bell frequently buying $20 of food every time, and devouring it in 1 sitting. He went through life trying to make others and himself feel comfortable in a 420 pound body. But it just never felt right. Like many people, he tried many diets and weight loss strategies, eventually trying gastric bypass. In his quest to continue to get healthier, he found plant-based nutrition and realized the power of a whole foods plant-based diet. He now devotes his life to spreading this message and helping others lose weight and keep it off using diet and not surgery.

Chuck is the host of The Exam Room Podcast, presented by The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine.  

Say Hello and reach out to Chuck on Twitter at @ChuckCarrollWLC.