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This podcast brings you interviews and conversations with doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. 

Dec 28, 2019

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Ian Cramer Podcast, where I seek out doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. Smart people who are either doing research, who have a very particular sub-specialty or who are treating patients directly in the field. Lee came highly recommended from several people as someone who is knowledgeable and an energetic, ball of fire when it came to nutrition and motivating people to transform their health.

Joining me for Episode 84 is Lee Crosby, a Registered dietician employed at The Barnard Medical Center in Washington, DC.

Lee sees patients and advises them when it comes to weight loss, preventing and reversing heart disease, diabetes and women’s health issues. As you’ll hear, she had her own health scare a few years ago that taught her some valuable lessons about the role diet and lifestyle play in chronic disease.

In this episode, we speak about Ketogenic diets. With full disclosure, Lee is a very outspoken critic of Ketogenic diets. To be fair, we do speak about the positive applications of a ketogenic diet, and caution people on the risks and downsides of eating this way as well.  

A quick producers Note: You’ll notice very quickly that the sound quality coming from my end on this conversation is terrible. Instead of using my studio mic, the sound was being recorded from my built in microphone from my computer. The reason has been identified and I hope that it never happens again. This is the reason why I stress to my guests to obtain an after-market microphone and DO NOT use the built-in mics. That come stock in computers.

To the regular listeners of the podcast, I thank you for the time you’ve given me over the past year, and for those of you who are new, I hope you stick around for more episodes. Have a happy holiday and New Year, as you enjoy the last conversation of 2019, on Episode #84 with Registered Dietician Lee Crosby.