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This podcast brings you interviews and conversations with doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine. 

Mar 7, 2020

Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of The Ian Cramer Podcast. I am the host Ian Cramer, and I strive to fill this podcast with thought leaders within the realm of lifestyle medicine. Allied Health Care professionals and expert academics who are either prescribing diet and lifestyle changes to their patients, or who are conducting research in this every growing field.

Before we get into this episode, I want to thank our sponsors. Actually…just kidding, there are no sponsors of the podcast. Other than the generous patronage of 52 individuals who enjoy my content, who value my work and who support my mission of helping people through diet and lifestyle change.

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In episode 89, I am joined by a previous guest of the podcast. Dr. Evan Allen who joined me for episode 62 of the podcast comes back for another discussion on his specialty, dietary fats.

In my eyes, there is a lot of debate lately around dietary fats and saturated ftas. One side is saying they are unhealthy and should we avoid them as much as possible, and there’s an every growing and enthusiastic side that is proclaiming that all of the science implicating saturated fats in the past 70 years is bunk and there isn’t really strong evidence for avoiding Saturated Fats.

Insert: Dr. Evan Allen. One of the leading experts arguing for limiting Saturated fats. He too has seen this confusion and debate as of late and understood how sound the science was. And because of that he decided to write a book on the subject entitled : Oversaturated: A guide to conversations about Fats with your patients. You can buy his book and educate yourself about Saturated Fats wherever books are sold.

In our discussion we speak about:

  • His new Book on Saturated Fats and why he wanted to write it.
  • Specific papers in the literature that conclude that Sat. Fats are not harmful, and why those papers are wrong.
  • We go into different types of evidence that we have based nutritional recommendations on.
  • We speak about the 4 papers and 1 editorial published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in October 2019 that conclude, again, that Sat. Fats are not harmful. 
  • We talk at length about a chapter in his book on Ceramides, what they are and should we be concerned.
  • Populations that changed their diets to one of lower saturated fats and saw improvements in their health.

Without further delay, please enjoy my second conversation with Evan Allen, on Episode #89.


Nutrition science is confusing, even to someone like me who has been learning about this for the past 8 years. Which is why it’s really nice to have someone like Dr. Allen out there to explain the science and the counter points.

If you enjoyed this and if you feel others around you are confused about saturated fats or diet in general, share it with your networks, friends and family. There are so many ways you can do this…social media, word of mouth, directly from your podcast player.

Take a screenshot or screen grab of the podcast and share it that way, too.

You can also thank Dr. Allen directly, connect with him and even ask him follow-up questions on Twitter @EAllen0417. And as I mentioned in the Intro, he has a new book out Entitled Oversaturated: A guide to conversations about Fats with your patients that you can purchase as well.

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Thank you for listening, thank you for taking an interest in your health and your future. Keep eating more plants, remain responsible ambassadors to whatever movement you’re passionate about, and stay healthy. We’ll see you in 2 week.